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Examples of our work

Drive way Cleaning 

Although we do take big commercial jobs we still work with home owners with big and small projects. Here's a great example of us cleaning a small drive way. 

IMG_0377 (2)_edited.jpg

Stairwell Cleaning 

Here's us doing a stairwell, this is one of the many services we provide under the main 4. Commercial cleaning covers anything that a business would need done and this is a great example. 


Building Cleaning 

Here we did a Ware house used by Pepsi. We did the sidewalks around the building and here we are just cleaning all the debris that was left on the wall for a quality and complete job. 


Warehouse Gutter & canopy cleaning 

This one of the bigger jobs we did last year. This for our friends at Aspyre Properties who have kept this building clean. This is a massive Wearhouse that took us 2.5 days to complete. 

image0 (1).jpeg

Parking Garage Floor 

This another example of our commercial pressure washing. Here we did a parking garage in Lakeland Florida. This was a three story garage and we did the first and second floor. 


WIndow Cleaning 

In this photo we did the windows of a building used by Catapult and Bank Of America. We don't always use the pressure washer on windows as specially residential ones but this was necessary for the spiderweb's.

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